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Progressive lenses: Combining Convenience and Comfort for Clear Vision


Progressive lenses offer the same advantages as bi- or tri-focal lenses without the inconveniences and cosmetic drawbacks. The top of the lens, which is designed for distance vision, gradually diminishes in power towards the bottom of the lens which is designed for reading and up-close tasks.


If you’ve ever worn conventional bifocal or trifocal lenses, you probably know the struggle of constantly having to tilt your head or move your eyes to the correct part of the lens in order to see things clearly. Not to mention the unsightly line that bisects the lens, making it obvious to everyone that you wear glasses specifically for close-up work. But with progressive lenses, you can avoid all of these inconveniences and cosmetic drawbacks.


This means that one can comfortably and easily read or concentrate on nearby objects without requiring head or eye movement. Furthermore, the absence of a discernible line on the lens enables individuals to wear multi-focal glasses without drawing attention to it. This combination of advantages presents an ideal scenario.

What are the advantages of progressive lenses

Another Advantage of progressive lenses


Another advantage of progressives is that one pair will eliminate the need to switch between different pairs used for different activities such as reading or driving. Getting used to progressive lenses may take some time because the gradient power of the lens may cause aberrations in your peripheral vision. The left and right extremes of the lens are not as progressive as the central vertical corridor, so your vision may seem blurry when looking to the side, The latest progressive lenses are called freeform lenses, which are made with a computer manufacturing process to reduce these aberrations.

The most up-to-date progressive lenses referred to as freeform lenses utilize computer-based fabrication techniques to diminish any distortions.

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