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Comprehensive Vision and Eye Health Testing for All Ages, Bulk Billed to Medicare

Extensive vision testing, including full eye health, macula integrity, glaucoma, focus and eye teaming disorders and visually related dyslexia testing

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Behavioural Optometry Testing for Kids with Learning Difficulties

We test and treat learning problems with great success, including visually related dyslexia, concentration issues and underperfmance... If you think your child should be doing better at school, we could have the answers!

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Short Sightedness Control... Stop Your Child's Distance Vision Getting Worse!

Using the right lenses, contact lenses, vision therapy and advice, we can stop your child's distance vision deteriorating. Ask us how today!

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Looking for More in an Optometrist?

What Kind of Eye Test are You Looking For?     (Click the Image Below)

Adult Eye Test

About Our Optometry Services

Comprehensive Eye Tests

We offer complete eye tests, including eye health, free retinal imagery, eye pressure, complete refraction and focus and eye teaming analysis


We use the latest in lens designs, including the best wearable multifocals, computer lenses, sunglasses, the best coatings, high index lenses all designed especially for you


We use top class frames, the latest in multifocal designs, the latest contacts lenses and exclusive multifocals designed especially for kids

Blue Light Protection

The latest in blue light protection for computers, devices, EyePads, Tablets and phones. Decrease stress and increase sleep, for adults and kids

Contact Lenses

We use the latest contacts lenses, the best materials and designs including contact lenses designed to limit short-sighted progression

Vision Therapy

Darin designs exclusive vision therapies and eye exercises for learning problems, eye turns and lazy eyes and limiting short-sightedness

What are You Looking For in an Eye Test for Your Child?

Watch the Video Above and Click on Your Response

Learning Problems

Discover How Behavioural Optometry Can Help Your Child Learn Effectively

Poor Concentration

Discover How You Can Easily Increase Your Child's Concentration Span

Short Sighted Control

Discover How You Can Slow or Stop Your Child Going Shortsighted

Developmental Delays

Find Out How We Can Supercharge Your Child's Learning to Catch Them Up Fast

Why Choose Eye CU for Optometry?

Eye CU is a locally owned independent optometry practice blending the care and friendliness of a country practice with the expertise and quality of the latest technology and optometry techniques. 

Darin Browne has been practicing as a Behavioural Optometrist since the 1990s, and he brings a wealth fo knowledge and innovation to the world of Optometry and especially children’s vision.

Our focus is on delivering you excellence in eye care at an affordable price, so you enjoy a lifetime of healthy sight. With a large selection of everything from designer frames and lenses to budget alternatives, there’s something for everyone at Eye CU Optometists (including over 100 children’s frames to choose from!). We offer a full range of services to Veterans’ Affairs customers and participate in the MASS Spectacle Supply Scheme. And it all comes with that friendly, country feel, a welcoming smile and the right advice.  And we Bulk Bill, so it costs you nothing out of your own pocket to have a comprehensive behavioural vision test with Darin!

Why We Choose to be Independent Optometrists?

Unlike the big chain optometrists, we have chosen to remain independent optometrists, giving us the freedom to use any lens or frame at our discretion.  When you come to see us, we get to know you and you’re not just a number.  Darin can spend as long with you as is required, making sure you receive the best quality eye care, the right advice and the full benefit of his 30 years as a Behavioural Optometrist.

Had a Bad Experience with an Optometry Practice Before?

If you’ve had a bad experience with other optometrists before, we want to invite you to try Eye CU Optometry. Learn about all the things WE DON’T DO, and be pleasantly surprised by our personal, attentive, and caring ways. Click the button below and discover a better way to experience an Eye Test today…

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5457 3333

What does Darin do in an eye test that’s different to other optometrists? Click on the video to discover the Eye CU Difference.  Whether you are a child, an adolescent, middle-aged or elderly, our BULK BILLED Comprehensive eye test costs you nothing out of your own pocket, EVEN IF YOU’VE HAD AN EYE TEST ELSEWHERE IN THE LAST 2 YEARS!  To learn about how you or your child can get the most from your vision by speaking to Darin today.

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Wondering if Your Child Needs an Eye Test with a Behavioural Optometrist?

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