What is Vision Therapy and How Can It Help?

Vision therapy is more than eye exercises, it’s gymnastics for a developing brain!

Many Optometrists claim to be interested in children’s vision and learning disabilities, but Darin is so interested he has spent years developing his own, exclusive vision therapy. His program has seen hundreds of children benefit and begin to overcome their learning difficulties in under 6 months!

So what is vision therapy?

Darin prescribes glasses for children, but there are many things the simple application of lenses, powered, coloured or otherwise cannot do.

Lenses, for example, cannot help a child spell and remember spelling words better. They cannot help a child write more effectively. They cannot improve they control of their eye movements for reading, or make them stop writing things backward.  Glasses often help kids struggling at school because they can balance the focus and eye teaming and allow them to concentrate for far longer, and perform better.

But, as mentioned, they do not necessarily help every area of learning.


Because the skills required to learn effectively must actually be developed, which is where vision therapy shines!

Vision therapy is more than eye exercises, it is a targeted series of games and activities designed to develop the visual skills needed to learn effectively in a fast yet long-lasting way.  It is like gymnastics not just for your child’s eyes, but for their brain also, helping them to develop essential visual skills like visual memory for spelling, eye movements for reading flow and comprehension, focus and eye teaming for comfort and performance and directionality which can stop children writing or reading in reverse.

The downside with vision therapy is that it takes…

  • Some time, (around 20 minutes a day school days only)
  • Some expense, (around $30 a week)
  • Some commitment, (around 5-9 months depending on the age of the child)

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