What is the Eye CU Difference?

At Eye CU Optometrist, We’re Different, and We’re Proud of It!

We won’t compare ourselves with other Optometrists (because legally we can’t), but why not come in, meet us and check us out, so you can make that decision yourself?

Darin Browne at Eye CU strives to provide a level of service and care that goes way beyond the usual Optometry experience!

One of the key differences is that at Eye CU we strive to design lenses for your specific needs!

This means that Darin will take the time to sit with you, discuss how you use your eyes in your day, and design the BEST lenses within current technology to suits your actual visual needs.

Because at Eye CU, we recognise that a truck driver has different requirements for his glasses than a surgeon, or a teacher, or a computer programmer!

At Eye CU Optometrist we Bulk Bill, and provide…

Comprehensive Eye Examinations:

Darin assesses your vision and your visual performance as well as examining the health of your eyes. He uses up-to-date, specialised equipment and looks for things like long sightedness, short sightedness and astigmatism as well as eye diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts.  He can also check for the ocular signs of general diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Darin has a special interest in children’s vision, especially with regards learning difficulties and short-sightedness control.  He performs tests that examine the focusing, eye teaming and visual perception skills of the child.  He relates well to children, possibly because in many ways, Darin has never grown up!

Darin at Eye C U Optometrist is a Behavioural optometrist who writes and designs his own Vision Therapies to help struggling kids.  These are proven techniques that can help most children with their learning and studying abilities. These techniques are not available at anywhere else on the Sunshine Coast (because Darin has written many of these himself), which is why many other Optical practices are referring their difficult children’s vision cases directly to Darin.

Great Value Frames and Lenses:

At Eye C U Optometrist, we stock an extensive range of quality frames,  meaning you can choose from the latest in fashion frames, or alternatively a frame that best suits your budget.  Our frames come with an exclusive 12-month warranty, giving you an added level of confidence and peace of mind. You can also be assured that all of our frames and lenses are competitively priced because we have lower overheads which allow us to bring you better value for money!

We also have access to what Darin believes is the best multifocal lenses on the market.  He has personally tried many of them and selected what he feels is the best, offering up to 30% wider reading area and greater stability, so if you are having trouble with your multifocals, you need to talk to Darin!

There are also discounts available to anyone in need.  Even our Vision Therapy is well priced, and Darin’s commitment is that no child or adult should miss out on the right treatment because of finances.  Despite the fact that he provides a sought after and highly valued Behavioural optometry service among the Sunshine Coast Optometrist fraternity, he never wants price to stop a person being helped, so if you are struggling financially, talk to Darin now!

The Latest in Contact Lenses:

At Eye C U Optometrists, we can also assist you to become a successful and regular contact lens wearer. Whether you want to change your look or just appreciate the convenience of not having to wear spectacles, contact lenses could be the answer for you. As specialists in contact lenses, we will assess your eyes to find the best lenses to suit your individual needs and, unlike some other Sunshine Coast Optometrist firms, we will teach you personally insertion and removal of the contact lenses.

Our team of dedicated and knowledgeable staff will ensure that all your eye care needs are met with a smile and friendly, personal service. Each time you visit the Eye CU, the same friendly and familiar faces will greet you.

Darin is joined by assistant Bec and Gregelyn to serve you and take care of your every visual need,

so if you want the friendliest and most dedicated Sunshine Coast optometrist team, we’ll see you at the Eye C U Optometrist!

Call our friendly staff today for an appointment on  5457 3333