Common Eye Conditions

At Eye C U Optometrist, We See All Sorts of Eye Conditions

Eye conditions and eye diseases come in all shapes and sizes, and are generally a common part of life, with millions of people suffering from a variety of eye problems across the world.  Here on the Sunshine Coast Optometrist Darin Browne sees a wide assortment of eye problems, but some are more common than others.

Eye conditions can be broken into 2 types: 1. Refractive, which can be readily helped using glasses or contact lenses. 2. Eye Diseases, which will require referral to an Ophthalmologist for treatment. Some eye disease we do not see at all here on the Sunshine Coast, for example those due to climate or living conditions (for example, trachoma).

Many diseases occur as a result of general systemic disease, which means that if you have something wrong in your body it is likely to affect your eyes.

Eye Conditions Must Be Looked For, Not Ignored!

Part of the difficulty in diagnosing many serious eye problems is the fact that most of them are asymptomatic, meaning the person suffering the condition often knows nothing about it until it is far too late to treat the eye illness!  The only defense we have against serious, sight-threatening eye disease, is to have your eyes tested regularly, at least every 2 years.

Under Medicare you are entitled to an eye examination every 2 years, and at Eye CU Optometrist we bulk bill, so to have this potentially sight-saving service will cost you ZERO, other than your time. So, even if your eyes feel OK and you have no blurred vision, eye aches or headaches, we urge you to have your eyes checked regularly at Eye CU Optometrist because this is the only way we can pick up many nasty eye diseases in time to provide adequate treatment.  Darin can treat common refractive eye illness conditions here, and he has a network of top Ophthalmologists to whom he can refer any other eye  diseases.

Remember, at Eye CU we bulk bill to Medicare, so it will cost you nothing from your own pocket to ensure that these eye issues are not about to affect your vision or eye health!

Think about it.  At the cost of absolutely nothing out of your pocket you can potentially save your sight by a simple series of eye tests. For zero cost?  That’s a great deal isn’t it, and all it costs you is your time to in come and talk to Darin Browne.

So if you have not had an eye examination in the last 2 years, or if you have a family history of eye conditions such as glaucoma, cataract or macular degeneration come and see us at Eye C U!

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