What is In a Comprehensive Eye Test at Eye CU?

An eye test needs to be more than trying to sell you glasses!
Optometry is about providing the best eye test, not about selling glasses. It’s about your eye health and helping you to best use your vision, at whatever age you may be, from a child to a senior. These are the areas we examine as part of our comprehensive eye test, which is Bulk Billed, and hence costs you nothing out of your own pocket.

Case History:

Darin will talk with you, ask about your visual history, inquire as to how satisfied you are with your current glasses or contact lenses, and carefully explore how you use your eyes, at work, at home, driving or on devices.


We examine your distance and near vision, and measure the distance between your eyes from centre to centre.


We carefully measure your refraction, obtaining the best lens to maximise your distance vision.  This includes measurements of longsight, shortsight and astigmatism.

Eye Balance:

We carefully measure how your eyes balance or work together, at far away distance and at the reading distance. We measure your ability to absorb stress on your visual system and calculate the flexibility of your eyes in how they work together.


We measure your ability both to change focus and also how you sustain focus over a period of time. This has a direct effect on how you use computers, devices and perform tasks like copying from a whiteboard.  We can make the process of focussing far easier and less stressful for you, whether you are an adult, a teen or a child.

External Examination:

We will look at the outside of your eyes, your lashes, lid edges, tears, and cornea.  We have a special magnifier called a slit lamp which allows us to see intricate details in your cornea, crystalline lens, and eyelids.  We can diagnose things like cataracts, corneal abrasions, and dry eye disease.

Eye Pressure:

Glaucoma is a common condition, especially for those over 40 years of age, and those with a family history of the disease. Measuring eye pressure, which we can do without touching the eyeball itself, is essential in the management of eye health as you age.

Retinal Examination:

Using specialised ophthalmoscopes and the latest in retinal imaging, we can examine and visually record your retina, including the optic disk, the macula, and the retinal blood vessels.  We can monitor many eye diseases, including diabetes, macular degeneration, and glaucoma.

Full Discussion, Diagnosis and Prescribing :

Darin takes the time to describe to you exactly what is happening in your vision, and how you can treat it to obtain the best performance from your eyes.  Darin will suggest the most appropriate glasses or contact lenses which will suit you and your specific visual situation.  So if you drive a truck, you will receive different advice than someone who teaches, or uses a computer all day, or is a mother. Darin designs exactly what you need to perform whatever tasks you face in your daily life! And all this is done for you for zero cost from your own pocket, even if you have had an eye test elsewhere in the last 3 years.  Darin will test you for less money, because at Eye CU, we are about serving you, not making money!

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