What Lenses are Frequently Used at Eye CU?

There are hundreds of spectacle lenses available.

Which one is right for you?


Unlike the big chain stores, Darin has the ability to use any lens from any lab that he chooses.  He is constantly on the lookout for the latest in multifocal designs, blue light protection and refractive density, to provide for you the best lenses available on the market today.



If you’ve ever tried multifocal lenses unsuccessfully, chances are you have encountered a low quality multifocal.  When prescribing multifocal spectacle lenses, Darin has to consider the lens design, including the speed of the progression, the width of the clear zones and the material it is made of, as well as the height of the progression, the width of each eye, the fitting of the frame and the amount of usable clear areas.

So his promise to you is that, if you want to try multifocals, he will replace them free of charge if you are dissatisfied with any lens of your choice. So you won’t be ignored if you struggle to adapt to your multifocal lenses, and you won’t lode your money buying a set of glasses that end up in a drawer.

Come and talk to Darin.  he will suggest lenses, without pushing you into buying something you simply do not want or need.

Specialised Children’s Multifocals:

Kids are not little adults, so fitting them with adult lenses the way you would fit an adult invariably leads to failure.

Darin has exclusive access to Relaxed Vision lenses, unavailable elsewhere, and he orders and fits these lenses in a special way especially for kids.  He has over 90% success with his special way of fitting these lenses, which work brilliantly for kids with learning problems, concentration issues and underperformance.

Myopia Control Lenses:

Darin has been limiting the progression of short-sightedness or myopia in children and teens for over 10 years and has a superb success rate for stopping the progression of these conditions using special lenses, fitted his way.  If your child has an increasing short sight prescription, come and talk to Darin about how you can stop it before your child has glasses like the bottom of coke bottles!

Blue Light Protection:

The latest in blue light protection for computer and device users is available, and it is a lot cheaper than you might think!  Our Blue Guardian is not a coating but built into the surface of the lens for maximum blue light protection.

A Full Range of Top Quality, Reasonably Proces Lenses:

We stock a huge variety of top-class lenses, including high index and antireflection coatings, polarising tints and bifocals and trifocals.  Our lenses include everything you need for your vision, according to what you want to buy…

  • Single vision lenses that have just one focus throughout the whole lens, and are used for clear vision at a singular distance. for example lenses ‘only for near’ would be reading glasses and ‘only for driving’ would be distance glasses.
  • Bifocals and Trifocals are older styles of lenses that still have uses today.  They have 2 focuses and 3 focuses respectively separated by lines.
  • Progressives or Multifocals have many focuses with no lines visible on the lens.  The focus ‘progresses’ from distance to near with every distance in between.  They look better  and are easier to walk in (no lines) and provide excellent results for most patients.
  • Occupational or Extended Focus Lenses are specialised multifocals that emphasise the near area.  These are excellent for computer and office work.
  • High Index Material is denser and therefore enable larger prescriptions to be made much thinner and lighter.
  • Aspheric Design uses asphericity to produce a flatter lens surface design resulting in reduced optical distortion & thinner lenses.
  • Photochromatic materials are used to produce lenses with a tint that reacts to sunlight.  These go dark in sunlight, but clear inside
  • Anti-Reflective Coatings (AR Coats) greatly reduce reflections on lenses increasing invisibility of lenses and clarity of sight.  They also minimise glare from headlights when night driving.

And all this is available at a lot less than you might think!

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