Dry Eyes


Dry eyes are a huge issue on the Sunshine Coast, with its hot, humid climate and a fair degree of dust.  Add to this modern conveniences such as air conditioning and the effect is sore, scratchy eyes that can really cause discomfort and make your life miserable.  So if your eyes are scratchy or sore you need to visit Eye CU and have us do an eye test for dry eyes.

Dry Eyes Give Rise to Watery Eyes!

The crazy thing is that dry eyes result in… watery eyes, with the eyes watering in response to the constant irritation of dryness!  Many people come to Eye CU saying that don’t believe that they have dry eye because their eyes water all the time!  I explain that this is exactly what dry eyes do… they water, and usually feel scratchy and sore.

Complications of Dry Eyes

What many people don’t realise is that dry eyes can be more than just an irritation.  Severe dry eye can cause long term damage to the cornea, resulting in even further erosion of the surface and, in extreme cases, loss of vision.  Also, some serious eye conditions such as corneal dystrophies can also appear as dry eyes, so if your eyes are scratchy and sore it is important that you come and see us for an eye exam.

How to Treat Dry Eyes Effectively

The great news for people suffering with dry eyes is that in most cases it is easily treated.  We have lots of drops for the treatment of dry eyes, but some are definitely better than others. Darin can also advise you on whether one of the gels for dry eyes is a better way to help you, so talking to Darin could save you a lot of time and expense by choosing the best treatment for your specific situation!

So if your eyes are irritable, scratchy and sore, don’t put up with it!  Come and see us at Eye CU, and get the best treatment for dry eyes now!

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