Had a Bad Experience with an Optometrist, but Want to Have a Great One?

Have you had a bad experience with an optometrist?  Many people have, and believe me, you are not alone!  Our aim at Eye CU is the complete opposite… to give you the best experience you have ever had when it comes to your eyes! Patients we talk to who transfer to our practice often have a similar story with an optometrist.  Here’s how we approach their main problems or complaints…

An Optometrist Rushed Me Through and Spent Little Time with Me

We DO NOT RUSH YOU THROUGH!  Darin takes time to not only run more tests, but to sit and talk with you about your visual needs, and how he can best serve you to solve your problems.

I Got Forced into Glasses I Didn’t Want

This never happens, because Darin sees his role as advising you, not forcing you.  At the end of every consultation, he takes the time to sit and talk with you about the various treatment options you face, and will clearly lay out the benefits and dangers in each decision.  This way you can make an informed choice that you are comfortable with.

I Tried Their Glasses, Couldn’t Wear Them and They Didn’t Want to Know!

Everybody is different, and occasionally glasses we prescribe, while being “correct” do not suit you in your situation.  We see many people who have seen an optometrist elsewhere, can’t wear their glasses and just put them in a drawer and ignore them (even though they cost hundreds of dollars). This doesn’t happen with Eye CU.  If you face difficulties, you can always come back and discuss your problems.  Darin is dedicated to serving you, so even if it means getting new lenses ground, whatever is needed within reason will be done to ensure that you are a satisfied patient!

I Was Treated Rudely or Ignored When I Complained

At Eye CU, the entire staff are trained and committed to treating you well, and giving both you and your family the best Optometrist experience you have ever had.  We won’t ignore you, criticise or be rude to you, because you are the reason we are in business in the first place!

My Child Was Treated Badly by an Optometrist Elsewhere

We specialise in kids, so we never treat them badly.  We also see many disabled people, and part of our mantra it to treat all our patients with dignity and respect.

I Was Treated Like a 2nd Class Citizen by an Optometrist because I am on a Pension

Pensioners are people in our practice, and we know we don’t make as much money from them, but we simply don’t care!  We want to serve first and foremost, so if you have been badly treated elsewhere, come and try us and be treated like a real person!  Frankly, at Eye CU we are all about serving you and meeting your visual needs, not the almighty dollar!

So, if you have had a bad experience with an Optometrist,

we challenge you to try us and experience a different type of Optometrist today!

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An optometrist might be competent, skilled and genuinely care, but sometimes they just cannot communicate effectively to convey to you what is actually happening with your vision, and what you can do to help it. At the end of the day, YOU need to be comfortable with your Optometrist’s advice, whether you see Darin or an Optometrist with another firm.  Our job as professionals is to serve you, not force you into a mode of treatment you’re not comfortable with. Darin finishes every consultation by talking to you, asking how you use your vision in the day, and how you can best set up your vision to best serve you.