With so many Optical stores offering adult eye tests on the Sunshine Coast,

why would you choose Eye CU Optometrist for your eye test? 

Here are a few great reasons to come to us for your next eye examination…

1. We Practice Holistically

You are not just a number, or a prescription spat out of a machine.  As Behavioural Optometrists, we are dedicated to discovering how you can best use your vision, whether you’re 12, 21 or 101 years of age.  We recognise that every person is different, so we take care of our patients holistically and individually.

2. We take time with you and figure out the BEST glasses, eye exercises or contact lenses for your specific needs

We don’t just churn out a set of numbers, but take the time to discuss with you EXACTLY how you use your eyes, and how we can design the perfect lenses for your specific needs.  We have designed special lenses for office workers, surgeons, truck drivers, bike riders, students, electronic technicians, designers and a whole lot more.  Your profession probably has specific visual requirements, so if you are not happy with previous glasses (or even if you were, but are not now), you need to talk to us about how we can best set up your vision environment.

3. Darin Has Great Gear

Do offer a complete adult eye test we include digital retinal imaging, specialized macular degeneration testing, glaucoma and visual field tests.  Most of these tests are BULK BILLED, so you don’t have to pay more to get the best!

4. Darin has 30 years experience

But he also keeps up with the latest advances in Optics and Behavioural Optometry.

5. We have the latest and best frames and lens designs at sensational prices

We source our frames so that the price is right and the quality is excellent.  We also source our lens designs, especially multifocals, and Darin NEVER prescribes multifocals that he has not worn and tested himself.

6. We BULK BILL, even if you have been somewhere else before for Adult Eye Tests

Where most Optometrists charge you if you have been tested elsewhere in the previous 2 years, we don’t.  We BULK BILL all adult eye tests where we can, and actually take a loss at times to bring you the best of adult eye tests at no cost to you!

adult eye tests

Call 5457 3333 now for a comprehensive eye test Bulk Billed so it costs you nothing out of your pocket!

Not all adult eye tests are the same,

and we want to give you the ultimate eye test at no cost to you from your own pocket.

From the retina, right through to cornea, the prescription and the right advice on how you can set your visual environment up to maximise your comfort and performance.

And even after the eye test, Darin loves to talk you through all the options you have as far as glasses, contact lenses and how to set up your workspace. So, don’t settle for less, come and talk to Darin and the friendly staff at Eye CU Optometrists.  We are never too busy to talk and discuss the best options for you and your family. We take time to listen and help you as you choose frames and set up your vision in the best way possible.